Bitcoin Highest Paying Sites To Earn Free Cryptocurrency In 2020 [ Updated ]






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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual money that is based on blockchain technology. This currency is a digital currency that is nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend unlike really paper money. There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies available in the market now. They are all being traded at different prices online. 


Where can I earn free Cryptocurrencies online?

We've bring you the best and most secured sites to earn free cryptocurrencies online. Earning BTC is one of the most thought ideas of people nowadays. So, you can visit all the sites provided above to earn free Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and many more different coins online without investing a single penny.



How To Earn Cryptocurrencies with Moon Bitcoin?

To starting earning cryptocurrency with Moon Network you'll need to create an account at! After registering at CoinPot, visit any of the sites we listed above and enter your email. Then, the Easy task of claiming your free BTC, Dogecoin or BitcoinCash comes in play.

How Do I Earn BTC with

Well, this process is the same as for the Moon Network. However, unlike the Moon Network sites, you will need a password to register at! After registering with the same email that you've used for creating your CoinPot account, you will get to claim free Bitcoin every 1 minute at!


How Do I Earn Bitcoin with MellowAds?

MellowAds is an advertising network. You will earn 500 satoshi every day from their faucet. But you cannot withdraw it to another wallet. You need to use the satoshi to advertise at MellowAds itself. 

The great thing at MellowAds is that it helps you get a lot of referrals. After joining MellowAds, claim 500 to 3000 satoshi everyday that allows you to advertise other sites to get more referrals. MellowAds is an indirect way of earning Bitcoin!


How much can I earn at AdBTC? 

The banner above with the BTC Surfing is AdBTC. It is a super fun and easy website to earn bitcoin. You will only earn BTC at this site, no other coins is available. Join AdBTC, and start making around 1000 satoshi per day! You will only need to click on a webpage, wait for some seconds and boom! You'll be credited with Bitcoin! If you want to withdraw at the lowest minimum then do join FaucetPay. You will be able to withdraw once you reach 3000 satoshi. 


How To Earn Free Bitcoin at is the most easiest place to earn free bitcoin. All you need is to register with an email and password. Then go on and roll to win up to $200 everyday. In addition to that, there are a lot more possibilities of earning free bitcoin at! You can wager in Hi-Lo or try their new Betting system. You can also earn Bitcoin by storing a certain amount of BTC in FreeBitco wallet and they will pay you interest on your amount daily. 

What is Faucet Crypto and how do I earn free Crypto there?

Faucet Crypto is a site where you can earn 15 different types of cryptocurrencies by doing simple tasks. You will earn cryptocurrencies including bitcoins by visiting shortlinks. Likewise, You can also visit websites to earn free crypto. There are offers like signing up or downloading apps that also pay you in crypto at Faucet Crypto. Consequently, you will at least 5000 satoshi if you complete small offers daily.

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