Best Bitcoin & Altcoin PTC Sites to Earn Free Cryptocurrencies [ 2021 ]

PTC sites to earn Free Bitcoin and altcoins. We've searched all around the web and find the best PTC sites where you can earn free BTC, ETH, LTC and many more coins.

Before bringing up the list of sites, let's find what is a PTC site and how it works.

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What is a PTC site?

A PTC site is a Paid-To-Click website where you get paid to view ads. You will be able to earn free money by viewing advertisements. The advertisers spend their money to try to acquire customers in those sites. 

There are several types of PTC sites. Nowadays, there is a lot of Bitcoin PTC sites. Those sites offers Bitcoin in exchange of a views in their sites.

However, sometimes the withdrawal amount is a problem for earners. So earning in PTC sites is fun but needs patience as well.



How PTC Sites Work? 

PTC sites works in a very simple way. Give and take. They offers a lot of offers, ads and tasks for you earners to earn money. In the meantime, they have ads on their sites that make the PTC site owners money. Most of the times, PTC sites makes 10x more money than all the users earning on their sites.

Are PTC sites safe to earn Bitcoin and Altcoins?

Yes, they are absolutely safe to earn money or cryptocoins. The sites that we have listed below are 100% safe and secure to earn money. They are paying their users regularly as well. So relax and let your hard work earn you some free Bitcoin. 

Best PTC Sites to Earn FREE Cryptocurrencies


AdBTC is a must join PTC site if you're looking earn to good amount of BTC quickly. It pays you instantly via direct wallet or FaucetPay. 

The withdrawal amount is 10000 satoshi for direct wallet and 1000 satoshi for FaucetPay and ExpressCrypto.

Video Tutorial: How To Earn with AdBTC

Ways To Earn: 

  •  PTC Ads
  •  ShortLinks
  • Active Window Ads 


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CoinPayU is another recommended PTC site by us for you to join. This is a simple and easy to use. Earn more than 1000 satoshi per day. 

The withdrawal is 10000 satoshi to direct wallet and 1500 satoshi to FaucetPay as well for CoinPayU. Plenty of ads available everyday.

Video Tutorial: How To Earn with CoinPayU 

Ways To Earn: 

  • PTC Ads 
  •  Offerwalls ( Highest Paying )
  • Window & Video Ads
  • Faucets (60 min)




ContyAds is a new and profitable PTC to register yourself now. It's is both an advertising and earning site. You will earn around 80-100 satoshi per day easily at ContyAds. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 satoshi.

Ways To Earn:

  • PTC Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads


DutchyCorp is a PTC and AutoFaucet site. The best way to earn with this site is viewing ads and completing shortlinks. 

The autofaucet claims is a bit too low in rewards. Instead of using autofaucet, convert your Dutchy Tokens to any of the 45 coins available there.  

Big earnings is waiting for you at DutchyCorp. Complete offers, PTC ads, shortlinks and Free Rolls to earn bitcoin everyday. 

Instant payments to FaucetPay or ExpressCrypto microwallet. 

Video Tutorial: How To Earn with Dutchy Final AutoFaucet 

Ways To Earn:
  •  Auto Faucet
  • Faucet (30 min)
  • PTC Ads
  • OfferWalls ( High Paying ) 
  • Surf Ads
  • ShortLinks
  •  Staking
  • Internal Coin Exchange ( Exchange Coins Instantly to the 51 crypto available and withdraw )
DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet


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Earn Free Bitcoin 

Ways To Earn:

  • Faucet
  • PTC Ads
  • Offerwalls ( High Earnings Offers )
  • Multiplier ( Up to 100x ) 

Cointiply is a brilliant Bitcoin earning website if you're looking to make some big satoshi. Cointiply have loyalty bonus as well as unlimited ways to earn BTC.

From PTC ads, Faucet or even high paying offers, Cointiply allows you to earn via their app also. Once you sign up on their website, you can then download their app and earn via your mobile phone.

Minimum Withdrawal is available from $3 via direct wallet.



FireFaucet offers plenty of options to earn. There is Activity points to level up. You receive Satoshi every time you level up. You are rewarded ACP for every viewed PTC ad, shortlinks completed and offers completed. 

You can exchange the coins instantly after claiming from the AutoFaucet. Daily Bonus are also available increasing you earnings. Last not the least, there is a Faucet where you can also earn.

Video Tutorial: How To Earn with FireFaucet

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet



CryptoWin is a superb bitcoin earning site. You can withdraw your earnings instantly to FaucetPay. It will arrive to your FaucetPay wallet on the same day. There is NO mininum withdrawal at CryptoWin.

They also allow you to earn interest on your Satoshi at CryptoWin. Just 1000 Satoshi and you can start earning interest on your Bitcoin!

Ways To Earn: 

  • Faucet (Every 15 Min)
  •  Share Investing
  • PTC Ads
  • Offerwalls
  • Shortlinks   


FaucetCrypto is a very amazing PTC site. It has level than increases your earning. Daily claims and Daily bonus available for you. You receive coins after completing a task, shortlink or view an ad. 

Withdrawal amount is absolutely amazing. Once you reach 100 satoshi, You can withdraw you Crypto earning to your FaucetPay account.

There are more than 10 different coins available to earn at FaucetCrypto. Complete Offers from OfferWall to earn more daily.

Video Tutorial: How To Earn with FaucetCrypto  


SkyBTC offers multiple ways to earn free Bitcoin. You can only earn free Bitcoin at SkyBTC. There is no other coin available to earn. However, you can earn a lot here.

The best thing at SkyBTC is the withdrawal limit. Once you reach $0.1 in Satoshi, you can cash out to your FaucetPay account.


LiteGPT offers multiple opportunities to cash in Litecoin. They pay you via Paypal as well. However, you can withdraw your money in crypto as well. 

PTC Ads, Offerwalls, Shortlinks, Faucet and many more ways to earn free money. 

In addition, minimum withdrawal is $0.5 or equal of that amount in Cryptocurrency when you want to withdraw.  


MoreMoney is worth joining if you're a enthusiastic about completing offers. There have offers that can earn you up to $50 per day.

However, offers is not the only way to earn Bitcoin at MoreMoney. You can view ad, claim from Faucet every 40 minutes or complete shortlinks.

They have membership available as well. You earn more when you purchase one of the membership package available.

More Money - Earn Free Bitcoin



Surfing BTC

Surfing BTC is quite similar to AdBTC. You are paid in Bitcoin to view ads. Once you reach 5000 satoshi you will be able to withdraw your earnings. 

You can use Surfing BTC to advertise your Crypto projects. Earn more than 500 Satoshi per day at Surfing BTC.




1xBTC is a Bitcoin Earning and Advertising site. You can earn Satoshi only by watching ads here. However, you can also advertise from 1 Satoshi only. 

Withdraw your earning once you reach the minimum threshold of 5000 Satoshi. 



Qoinad is another Bitcoin Earning & Advertising site. You will earn Bitcoin in many different way at Qoinad. Plenty of opportunities for global users to earn free Bitcoin.

Withdraw your earnings to any Bitcoin wallet after reaching the 5500 Satoshi withdrawal limit.

If you're an advertiser, then Qoinad is surely one of the site you should join. They have a very huge crypto users audience.



AdBCH is giving free BitcoinCash for viewing ads daily. You can earn upto 0.00011000 BCH daily by just viewing their ads. Finally, Instantly withdrawal your earnings once you reached 0.00100000 BCH.

You should reach the minimum withdrawal threshold in ten days. In addition of that, you can earn 8% in commission if you refer other persons to earn free BitcoinCash. 



Ad-Doge is another amazing site where you can earn free Dogecoin by doing simple tasks. At Ad-Doge, Get paid to view & surf ads, complete offers, watch video, cpu mining, faucet, unlimited captcha, traffic grid, social media + revenue/adpacks. Minimum withdrawal amount at Ad-Doge is 50 DOGE.  



BitClix is a simple PTC site where you get Bitcoin for viewing ads. But, you can earn extra Bitcoin by completing shortlinks there. It is a very simple site where you earn from 4 to 24 satoshi per ad viewed. Moreover, the minimum withdrawal is 1000 satoshi. 




AdLTC is a perfect site to earn free Litecoin. Tired of looking for sites that pays you Cryptocurrency in real. Then, you should definitely join AdLTC. You will earn Litecoin by simple watching ads of 15 to 60 seconds. Besides that minimum withdrawal amount is very low at 0.002 LTC.  



AdXRP pays you Ripple for viewing ads. You want to earn free Ripple coin for just watching ads of 15 seconds, then sign up and starting earning free Ripple coin today. The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 XRP.  



AdETH is similiar to AdLTC and AdXRP. The difference is that you'll earn Ethereum here for viewing ads. Simple site, browse ads daily and earn free Gwei (Ethereum). The minimum withdrawal is 0.0006 ETH. Furthermore, super easy to earn and withdraw directly to your wallet or FaucetPay account.  



AdDash is similar to AdETH, AdXRP, AdLTC and AdBCH. View ads and earn Dash coin for free. Super easy to use. Just watch ads and pocket in Dash coin. You can withdraw your cryptocurrency when you reach 0.006 DASH.  





At MulticoinAds, you can earn four different coins in the same place. There is a Multi faucets where you can claim free Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin and Ethereum every 5 minutes. You will also earn from viewing ads as well after all it's a PTC site. You can withdraw BTC at 0.00025000 and the other coins withdrawal amount is also very low.  


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