Crypto News Today: Bitcoin could hit '450K' in 2021, Shiba Inu DEX 'ShibaSwap' set to be release

Crypto News Latest: Shiba Inu Coin developers are making their ShibArmy wait for the new DEX platform launch, Analyst predicts Bitcoin price in December 2021!

crypto news today bitcoin could hit 450k, shiba inu coin to launch shibaswap this summer


Bitcoin investors have been going through a lot in these past few days. After the Crypto crackdown in China, the BTC price plunge heavily even dropping below the $30,000 price.

However, according to experts the only way for Bitcoin price to go is upwards from now. One expert analyst, PlanB have predict that Bitcoin could hit 'at worst-case scenario' $135,000 by the end of 2021.

PlanB also indicate that Bitcoin could be trading at $43,000 in August, reaching it's all-time high back again in October at $63,000! 

Furthermore, he added in his Twitter comment section of his Bitcoin prediction picture: “Wait until you seen my base case and best case scenarios! OK, a hint: best case Dec $450K.”


Shiba Inu Coin developers are ready to launch their new DEX platform this summer. The crypto coin have being in the top 50 for quite a long time now.

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Despite being trading at $0.000006 in recent weeks, Shiba Inu is ranked at no.30 with a Marketcap of  over $2Bn! Holders of Shiba Inu coin expect a price surge after the DEX platform 'ShibaSwap' launch.

Shiba Inu holders will be able to farm new coin called $BONE at ShibaSwap. A lot of small investors are expecting Shiba coin to hit the highs of Pancake coin!

If that happens, there will be many millionaires in the crypto world, as Shiba Inu is still trading at $0.000007 at the time of writing.

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